138 Walk along the Karl Heine Canal

Meandering for 3.3 km, this manmade canal doesn’t have to be explored by boat. A cycle lane and path  lead from the Nonnenbrücke bridge (here you can also see the »Riverboat«, the MDR’s former talk show  studio) to the Luisenbrücke. In between you will spot grand villas, ultramodern industrial lofts and  lovely places to stop and unwind.

Address from Plagwitz to Lindenau
Stops Elsterpassage ⋅ TRAM 3 Karl-Heine-/Merseburger Straße ⋅ TRAM 14 Henriettenstraße ⋅ TRAM 8, 15 Lindenau, Busbahnhof ⋅ TRAM 8, 15 Saarländer Straße ⋅ TRAM 8, 15 Karlbrücke ⋅ BUS 74

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