98 German Photography Museum

In the eye-catching foyer, a historical repro camera from the Leipzig manufacturer Hoh & Hahne sits   proudly on display — and this is just for starters. Leipzig's precious and rare collection of photog raphy  and historical cameras are beautifully exhibited in the distinctive showrooms of the »Deutsches  Fotomuseum« in Markkleeberg. This museum is both new and a one of a kind in Germany — a real superlative!

Address Raschwitzer Straße 11 – 13, 04416 Markkleeberg
Phone +49 341 65 15 711
Opening hours Tue–Sun 13–18
Website www.fotomuseum.eu
Stops Markkleeberg, Forsthaus Raschwitz ⋅ BUS 70 (from Connewitz, Kreuz)
Dates End of August, from Museums' Night to
the Festival of Lights

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