139 MS Weltfrieden

This indestructible excursion cruiser on Leipzig's Venetian-like canal network is a small motor boat with  an ambitious name. As it chugs along the Karl Heine Canal and Elster river it passes under 16 bridges  (!), and past the MDR-Riverboat, the colourful Buntgarnwerke (Germany's largest industrial monument!),  the Karl Heine Villa, and on to industrial charm and idyllic shores.

Address Industriestraße 85, departs from near Stelzenhaus
Phone +49 152 53 36 30 58
Website www.ms-weltfrieden.de
Stops Karl-Heine-/Gießerstraße ⋅ TRAM 14
  • Try to book in advance! From April until October,the MS Weltfrieden operates on weekends and public holidays, and is available for charter bookings during the week.

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